A Message from Heaven Gave us the Only Key to World Peace

The message was confirmed by the stupendous Miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70,000 people. God performed this miracle so that we would believe the Message and act on it before it is too late. Otherwise "various nations will be annihilated", perhaps even our own.


At Fatima Pope John Paul II warned of the "almost apocalyptic menaces looming over the nations." Since then wars, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, tsunamis, the threat of global pandemics, and Russia's deployment of new "defense-proof" nuclear missiles have only added to the urgency of the Pope's words.

Filmed on location in eight countries, Heaven's Key to Peace builds an overwhelming case that the Message of Fatima is not just our only chance for peace, but our last chance. At Fatima the Blessed Virgin Mary warned that "various nations will be annihilated" if the Church did not honor Her requests in time — including the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

This film leaves no doubt that the Message of Fatima is a heavenly warning no one can afford to ignore. It is also the only key to peace in the world. But we must use that key before it is too late.


A Message Confirmed by a Miracle

In 1917 Our Blessed Mother came to Fatima with a Message of warning and hope for everyone. She confirmed this Message with a great Miracle of the Sun that took place before 70,000 people and was reported by the previously skeptical secular press.


The Only Key to Peace

At Fatima, Our Lady told us that we "must cease offending God", and that war "is a punishment for sins". She gave us the only key to peace, which we have failed to use, thus gravely threatening the very future of the human race.


Wars With No End in Sight

In 6,000 years of recorded human history, more than 14,000 wars have killed hundreds of millions of people. Man has spent trillions of dollars on wars that have devastated vast areas of land and many nations. This has brought heartbreak to tens of millions of families. Yet more of the same is on the horizon. Today the leaders of the world are pledging a series of wars, including a "war on terror" that they promise will last for decades.


Escalating to the Annihilation of Nations

We have entered a new, terrifying age of human history! Now our leaders argue for war without ceasing; preemptive attacks, with a burden of proof on the accused nations. Our world and everyone in it can be destroyed many times over by A-bombs, H-bombs, N-bombs, as well as germ and chemical weapons — delivered on land, sea and sky by ICBMs, MIRV's and cruise missiles. Our world leaders have no real solutions. The United Nations, a godless institution, has failed to bring peace. Our Lady of Fatima predicted that only by heeding Her requests will peace be given to the whole world. She also warned that if Her requests are not fulfilled soon, "various nations will be annihilated." Her most important requests include the daily Rosary, penance, reparation, and the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary done by the Pope and the world's bishops.


Heaven Gives the Only Answer

At a time of escalating kidnappings, murders and torture, by terrorists and governments, with even more wars and rumors of war, combined with increasingly dramatic natural disasters, can we afford to ignore the warning of Our Blessed Lady? She, as our loving Mother, is trying to rescue us from imminent godless tyranny and destruction! She placed the key to peace in our hands and She is pleading with us to use it.


Be Part of the Solution

Heaven's Key To Peace details the Message of Our Lady of Fatima, and outlines the horrific consequences that will follow if we refuse to heed Her requests. It shows how each of us, no matter what our situation in life, can be instrumental in bringing Heaven's promise of peace to the world.